Steve Dickson, Administrator US Federal Aviation Administration addresses Aviation Club UK on his first official visit to London

The Aviation Club UK

Steve Dickson, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, speaks at the UK Aviation Club about the Boeing 737 MAX, in London, Britain, February 6, 2020. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

Boeing 737 MAX regulator comes to London

Yesterday, Steve Dickson, administrator of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), appeared at The Aviation Club UK, to discuss the status of the 737 MAX, innovation in aviation, and the global landscape of the industry.  

Regarding his perspective on the return of the MAX, Dickson said:

“We are not delegating anything, the FAA is retaining all regulatory functions. Once approved this will be the most scrutinised aircraft ever, and I won’t sign off the aircraft until I fly in it myself. 

Boeing needs to focus on the process and stop making public statements about timelines.”

Dickson also talked about the “close alignment” with other regulators on certification, but should they want to take an additional timeline “that is ok.”

Closer to home, on the regulatory landscape post-Brexit, Dickson said:

“The world places great value on the United Kingdom’s role in the global aviation industry, and we are here for you.”

Dickson was sworn in last August after being confirmed by the US Senate. He is a former senior vice-president at Delta Air Lines.

The Aviation Club is the UK’s leading high-level forum for commercial aviation – attracting industry leaders from all over the world.

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