Michael Carrivick

Mike has enjoyed a full-time career in aviation and travel, taking retirement at the end of 2012.
His final position was as Chief Executive of the Board of Airline Representatives in the UK (BAR UK) Ltd, where he served for nearly nine years.
BAR UK’s objective is to handle the aero-political interests of scheduled airlines (up to 91carriers) in their dealings with Government ministers and their Departments, regulators, airport operators, NATS and other similar agencies and entities.
The role provided an excellent opportunity to see what was happening with civil air transport close-up, including aviation security and border control matters at a very high government level, the famous volcanic ash crisis, airport expansion, and aviation taxation.
Prior to BAR UK, airlines formed the bulk of Mike’s career (BEA, Qantas and Brymon Airways) and IATA.
Within the industry at large, he is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and a member of their Air Transport Group, and a volunteer with Aerobility, the flying charity for the disabled.
Mike is also on call as a Team Member at Kenyon International Emergency Services (handling aviation accidents and incidents), and has experience of providing support services at their UK centre in Berkshire.