Jane Thompson

A member of the Aviation Club since 1998, Jane is a reputed aviation industry expert, specialist in strategic growth, stakeholder engagement and events.  She has over 30 years’ experience in the sector – starting out as a graduate trainee with BAA in 1990.  She is now a Director of ICF’s Aviation Consulting Group leading on strategic growth for Sustainable Aviation, Travel and Tourism.  In addition she sits on the board of the British Aviation Group.  

Jane combines generous people skills and sharp intellect to help organisations grow through strategic relationship building.  She understands the importance of networking and credits the Aviation Club with helping her to develop an impressively wide network within Government and the wider aviation industry. 

Jane has a passion for change and the drive to make things happen at all levels, and having been a member of the Aviation Club for over 20 years, is delighted to now be contributing to its future prosperity and sustainability through Committee membership.